Alderney ferry schedule changing & simplifying

Alderney ferry schedule changing & simplifying

Earlier this week Halifax Transit officially announced that the Alderney Ferry schedule will change on February 19th. The new schedule has the ferry running every 15 minutes from 7am-8pm, and every 30 minutes from 8pm-11:30pm. The first departure will be at 6:30 from Dartmouth and 6:45 from Halifax, and the last departure at 11:30 from Dartmouth and 11:45pm from Halifax. Service will run every 30 minutes on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, from 6:30am-11:30pm (7:30-11:30 on holidays).

These changes make the Alderney ferry service easier to understand. Previously, the schedule changed frequency from 15 to 30 minutes throughout the day. Councillor Sam Austin advocated for shifting the additional trips added for the big lift project from the evening to the daytime now that the project is over. He continues to request funding for an additional ferry crew, at a cost of between $400,000 and $500,000 per year, to move the ferry to 15-minute service all day, and improved Saturday service.

As one of the backbones of the Halifax Transit network, having the Alderney Ferry service operating at 15-minute frequency throughout the day means it will be easier to move between Halifax and Dartmouth for lunch. It means that workers who are not on a 9-5 schedule will not have to wait as long to get to work. We have long been advocating for 15-minute, all-day service on all corridors of the Halifax Transit network.

What do you think of the changes on the Alderney Ferry? Let us know in the comments.

Above photo from Metro Halifax.

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  1. D Clarke says:

    We do not own a car so we use Transit 7 days a week for work and pleasure. Any improvements made are much appreciated and this is certainly one of them. Thanks for advocating for this. Now to get a bus up the hill to IKEA!

    Thanks again.

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