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#KeepTransitMoving National Day of Online Action!

As you know, Halifax Transit is no longer collecting fares, in order to make sure bus drivers can maintain physical distancing and stay safe. But that means Halifax Transit’s revenue has disappeared, and they’re being forced to cut routes — routes that people rely on to get to essential jobs. Call your MP and your MLA and then them that you the Federal and Provincial […]

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BRT and. . . electric buses!?!?!

It’s not often that Halifax Transit surprises us with bigger plans than anyone was expecting, but that’s what’s happening this week. Tomorrow (May 26), Regional Council will be discussing Halifax Transit’s latest report on their Rapid Transit Strategy — the plan for a high-frequency bus rapid transit (BRT) network and a fast ferry from Bedford. You’ll remember that plan from back in March. It’s an […]

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Halifax Transit Needs Emergency Federal Funding

You’ve probably seen Halifax Transit’s cuts to service. The increased wait times on lots of routes, including the ferries, are an inconvenience. But the wholesale elimination of certain routes is a disaster. Even if it affects only a small number of people, there are┬ásome people who rely on that service to get to jobs we all now recognize as essential. So why did Halifax Transit […]

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