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The most important piece missing from the Rapid Transit Strategy

We talked yesterday about the longer-term vision that’s missing from Halifax Transit’s Rapid Transit Strategy. How is the bus rapid transit (BRT) network going to grow after 2030? Will it be extended to Bedford? How can Bedford be connected to Burnside and north Dartmouth? Today we need to start talking about why that longer term vision is so important. Let’s start with a basic fact […]

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The Rapid Transit Strategy needs a longer-term vision

We talked yesterday about what’s great about Halifax Transit’s new Rapid Transit Strategy. It connects a lot of different places to downtown Halifax and downtown Dartmouth, it would have enough transit priority to keep buses out of traffic, and the buses would run every ten minutes, all day, every day. That’s a great network. But now we need to start thinking about what’s missing from […]

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First reactions to the new Rapid Transit Strategy

Last week, Halifax Transit gave the public its first look at something its calling a Rapid Transit Strategy. There’s too much to say about it in a single post, so I’ll be posting a few different thoughts over the course of the week. The Rapid Transit Strategy is a 10-year plan to built a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network and a new fast ferry from […]

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