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Commuter rail is dead. Why did that happen? And what now?

After yesterday’s Council vote, it looks like commuter rail plans are dead. Why did the plan die, and what does HRM do now? Council’s discussion yesterday was in camera, so we’ll probably never know exactly how the decision was made. But the argument against pursuing commuter rail has been hiding in plain site for a few years now. Since Council got a look at the […]

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Halifax Transit’s Fare Increase: No Easy Choices

Last week’s big transit news is that Halifax Transit asked for, and council approved, a 10% increase in fares for later this year. A regular fare is going from $2.50 to $2.75. On one hand, Halifax Transit’s fares are low by Canadian standards and will still be pretty close to average after the increase. On the other hand, any increase in fares runs the risk […]

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Reducing service on the Route 15 is the right thing to do

  This Tuesday, Council is set to vote on what to do with the Route 15, the bus that currently heads out Purcells Cove Road to York Redoubt. As part of the Moving Forward Together process, Halifax Transit proposed cutting the route, because so few people take it. Residents in Purcells Cove have objected, and Halifax Transit has a done a lot of work to […]

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