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IMTB Response to Phase 2 of the Winsdor Street Exchange Redevelopment Plan

This week, HRM was soliciting responses to Phase 2 of the Windsor Street Redevelopment Plan. IMTB responded with some very serious concerns about the plan’s lack of consideration for public transit that is fast, frequent, and reliable. In short, the plans to do not (at this point) guarantee that buses running through the newly developed Windsor Street Exchange won’t get stuck in private vehicle congestion. This is a […]

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The PC response on rapid transit in HRM

Just in time for you to vote tomorrow, we’ve got the last response to our questions about provincial support for rapid transit in HRM — this time, from the Progressive Conservatives. (Click here for the NDP responses, here for the Liberals responses, and here for the Green Party responses.) Here’s the PC’s full responses to our questions. The TL;DR is… no real commitment to supporting […]

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The Green Party on Rapid Transit in HRM

Here’s another round of responses about rapid transit from provincial candidates! This time we’re talking about the Green Party. (For the NDP’s responses, click here. For the Liberals’ responses, click here.) The Green Party didn’t send us a single response from the party, but several candidates, including the party leader, Jo-Ann Roberts, sent us detailed responses. Here are some highlights! 1. If elected, will you […]

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