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A looming unforced error

Ferries! Last week, Halifax‚Äôs MP Andy Fillmore made a very welcome announcement: all three levels of government have agreed to move forward into the planning stages for a new commuter ferry between Bedford (at Mill Cove) and downtown Halifax. The ferry will be a big step forward for transit infrastructure in HRM. And the news gets better and better. The ferry will be fast, taking […]

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Getting back onto transit

  (Graph courtesy Dan Peterson @danp128) As of today, Halifax Transit is increasing its service up to 84% of normal operating levels. The 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9 are back their regular weekday schedules. But the Alderney ferry is still operating at a frustrating 30-minute frequency. This increase increase in service comes as ridership is starting to trend upwards again. But as people […]

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#KeepTransitMoving National Day of Online Action!

As you know, Halifax Transit is no longer collecting fares, in order to make sure bus drivers can maintain physical distancing and stay safe. But that means Halifax Transit’s revenue has disappeared, and they’re being forced to cut routes — routes that people rely on to get to essential jobs. Call your MP and your MLA and then them that you the Federal and Provincial […]

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