Share Your Transit Feedback

We want to hear your experiences using Halifax Transit. Your feedback will be compiled and shared with HRM on where transit falls short alongside recommendations on how transit can be made a better experience for you and others. Use the form below to share any complaints, concerns, problems, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or read our frequently asked questions below.

Transit Feedback Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of feedback/complains can I submit?

– Any and all feedback, complaints or concerns on problems you experience with the transit system in HRM is welcome. Your answers will be compiled to help alert HRM to the issues riders face on a regular basis.

Can I make multiple submissions?

– Yes. You’re welcome to submit as many responses as you’d like. We want to better understand all problems riders experience, including repeat/ongoing issues.

Are my submissions anonymous?

– You are welcome to submit responses anonymously. Any names/specific details about your experience shared with us, will be kept anonymous as much as possible.

Will I receive a follow-up on my submission?

– We will only follow-up with people who select ‘yes’ to be followed-up with and provide a valid email address. It’s More Than Buses is a volunteer-based organization, and we will try to follow-up as soon as possible.

How will my submissions be used?

– We’ll be putting together reports summarizing the main issues riders experience, along-side recommended actions on how transit can be improved. These reports will be shared with HRM council, and an overview version will be shared online (Any names/specific details of riders experiences will not be shared publicly).

You can see examples of what we’ve compiled from feedback we’ve received here.