It’s More Than Buses, or IMTB, is Halifax Regional Municipality’s public transit research, education, and outreach group. IMTB is a registered nonprofit organization in the Province of Nova Scotia.

Our Vision

Better transit connecting more people to more opportunities in Halifax Regional Municipality

Our Mission

To advance well planned, well designed, safe and efficient public transit that is accessible to all residents and visitors of Halifax Regional Municipality.

Our Values


We are committed to providing methodologically rigorous and sound data collection and analysis as well as evidence-based decisions.


We recognize our duty to be socially and environmentally conscious as well as our obligation as a non-profit organization to be accessible, open, and transparent.


We strive to demonstrate leadership in the fields of public transit advocacy and planning.


We recognize the importance of building and maintaining relationships with individuals and other community-based organizations


We recognize that transit and transportation infrastructure are shared resources and encourages diversity and multiple perspectives from within and outside the organization

Our Strategic Goals

  1. Advocating for Fast, Frequent, Reliable, Accessible, and User Friendly transit and transit-oriented land-use planning
  2. Communicating the value and importance of good public transit and transit-friendly land-uses
  3. Engaging in broader transportation and planning initiatives
  4. Developing internal capacity