About Us

It’s More than Buses is a non-profit transit advocacy group in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We believe that Halifax desperately needs transit service that is fast, frequent, reliable and user-friendly.

Haligonians should be able to rely on transit for all their daily trips without fear of being late for work, being stranded at a cold bus stop at night, or without having to scramble every day to fit their life into the bus schedule.

Cities of similar sizes across the world have realized that, just by using buses more efficiently, they can have transit systems their citizens can truly rely on. A fast, frequent and reliable transit system would transform the lives of thousands of Haligonians and help us address our two greatest challenges: housing affordability and climate change.

We help advocate for better transit in three main ways:

  1. We identify issues with Halifax Transit’s service
  2. We propose solutions to deliver fast, frequent and reliable service
  3. We gather feedback and issues from transit riders and amplify their voices to decision makers