Show us the travel options.

The new Halifax Transit plan is a big, complex document. It’s 190 pages. There are dozens of routes. Have you found a simple explanation of people’s travel options?

To judge this plan effectively, residents need to see how the whole network provides different travel options, from lots of origins. The current plan doesn’t show that. However, clear visuals – like the image above – would go a long way to showing where residents can travel using the new network. They’d also identify gaps in the plan, places where not many people can easily travel.

We’re asking Halifax Transit to provide the Transportation Standing Committee with this type of info before any further discussions happen on the network. It’s critical that residents and Councillors have the right info before discussing any changes to the plan.

Please email the Councillors sitting on the Transportation Standing Committee, and ask them to direct Halifax Transit to provide clear visuals that show travel options. Its the easiest way to see how effective the plan is.

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