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It’s More Than Buses (IMTB) is a grass roots group. We work to make transit the best choice for most trips in Halifax. IMTB believes in building a great city by providing residents with quality transit. Put another way, we lobby for fast, frequent, reliable and user friendly transit.

In 2013, We pushed for Metro Transit to fully redesign Halifax’s confusing bus network – and it’s happening! This redesign is still ongoing. We continue to lobby for a high-frequency network. A draft of the new network was released in February 2014. Halifax Transit should release a new draft at the end of March 2016.

It’s More Than Buses formed in 2011 in response to low satisfaction with Halifax Transit. We are a partnership between FUSION Halifax and the Planning and Design Centre.  We hosted three public sessions led by local and national urban planning experts. These sessions led to the Essential Elements of High Quality Transit, the backbone of all our work. We sum up these principles as: fast, frequent, reliable, and user-friendly.

It’s More Than Buses also advocated for better links between land use planning and transit through Halifax’s regional plan update (RP+5). We will keep pushing for a good land use/ transportation plan through the HRM Centre Plan and the upcoming Integrated Mobility Plan. As Canadian urbanist Brent Toderian says: “The best transportation plan is a good land use plan.”

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