The NDP on rapid transit in HRM

A week and a half ago, we sent a questionnaire to every HRM candidate in the provincial election. We asked them three questions about their support for rapid transit in HRM. Today, we’re going to start bringing you their responses, starting with the NDP.

You can read the NDP’s full response below. But here are some highlights.

1. If elected, will you commit your support to the Province contributing its third of the total capital costs needed to complete Halifax Transit’s Mill Cove fast ferry project?

The NDP would provide the Province’s share of investment required to complete the newly-announced Bedford fast ferry project.

2. If elected, will you commit your support to the Province contributing its third of the total capital costs of Halifax Transit’s Bus Rapid Transit project?

“An NDP government will contribute significantly to the capital costs of Bus Rapid Transit” once Halifax Transit’s plans are sufficiently detailed for different parts of the project to proceed. If the project requires the Province to contribute more than one third of the total capital costs for the project, “[a]n NDP government will not view one third as an absolute ceiling on the provincial contribution.”

3. Do you believe that public transit options in HRM are currently adequate? If not, if you are elected, how do you and your party intend to make transit in HRM better?

“The NDP recognizes that the climate emergency and population growth make it important to improve transit in HRM and elsewhere in Nova Scotia. An NDP government will tackle the climate crisis with a Green Jobs Plan to transform Nova Scotia’s economy into a sustainable one, with tougher emission targets and broad-based leadership of the progress required to reach net-zero. Transit improvements are a proven means of reducing the use of non-renewable resources while making life better and more affordable. An NDP government will work with HRM to help maximize Green Jobs Plan opportunities in areas like public transit where HRM is the key decision-maker.”

Click here for a bigger version of the NDP’s response

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