#KeepTransitMoving National Day of Online Action!

As you know, Halifax Transit is no longer collecting fares, in order to make sure bus drivers can maintain physical distancing and stay safe. But that means Halifax Transit’s revenue has disappeared, and they’re being forced to cut routes — routes that people rely on to get to essential jobs. Call your MP and your MLA and then them that you the Federal and Provincial governments to provide emergency funding for transit!


(*Many thanks to our allies at the TTC  Riders Alliance for putting this script together.)

Hi, my name is [_________] and I live in [YOUR FEDERAL RIDING].

I appreciate your leadership during this crisis but I urge you to do more for public transit.

I urge you to provide emergency and permanent transit funding. 

This is important to me because… 

[PERSONALIZE YOUR MESSAGE or use some of these ideas]: 

– I use transit to get to work. 
– Essential workers rely on transit to get to work and it must be safe. 
– We need more service so riders can be physically distant. 
– Public transit is critical to a green and fair economic recovery.
– Public transit is vital to help Canada reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
– Cities are warning they will have to cut or even outright suspend transit service. 

I would appreciate a call-back about this issue. Thank you.



Honourable Stephen McNeil
Phone: (902) 424-6600
[email protected]

Honourable Lloyd Hines
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Phone: 902-533-2280
[email protected]


Honourable Kelly Regan
Phone: 902-407-3777
[email protected]

Clayton Park West
Rafah DiCostanzo
Phone: 902-443-8318
[email protected]

Cole Harbour-Portland Valley
Honourable Tony Ince
Phone: 902-406-3288
[email protected]

Dartmouth East
Tim Halman
Phone: 902-469-7353
[email protected]

Dartmouth North
Susan Leblanc
Phone: 902-463-6670
[email protected]

Dartmouth South
Claudia Chender
Phone: 902-406-2301
[email protected]

Fairview-Clayton Park
Honourable Patricia Arab
Phone: 902-329-8683
[email protected]

Halifax Armdale
Honourable Lena Metlege Diab
Phone: 902-455-1610
[email protected]

Halifax Citadel-Sable Island
Honourable Labi Kousoulis
Phone: 902-444-8200
[email protected]

Halifax Chebucto
Gary Burrill
Phone: 902-454-8365
[email protected]

Halifax Needham
Lisa Roberts
Phone: 902-455-7300
[email protected]

Hammonds Plains-Lucasville
Ben Jessome
Phone: 902-404-9900
[email protected]

Honourable Keith Colwell
Phone: (902) 424-4388
[email protected]

Sackville-Beaver Bank
Brad Johns
Phone: 902-865-6467
[email protected]

Steve Craig
Phone: 902-864-6271
[email protected]

Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank
Bill Horne
Phone: 902-576-3411
[email protected]

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