Nova Scotia Election 2017 – What the parties are saying about public transit

We reached out to all three major political parties to gauge their positions on public transit.

Only the Progressive Conservative party returned our email. Here’s what they had to say:

Thank you for your email regarding public transit.

A Progressive Conservative government supports a public transit plan. We will work with the municipalities and federal government to ensure we have transportation services that fit community needs.

Good public transportation is crucial to the development of a city. We know that Halifax Transit serves 100,000 commuters daily. We want to ensure that commute is easy and affordable.

By opposing a carbon tax, we will also ensure the cost for riders doesn’t increase. The pending carbon pricing scheme to be imposed on Nova Scotians by the McNeil government in 2018 will raise the cost of gasoline, home heating fuel and electricity going forward. A carbon tax will raise the cost of public transportation.

A PC government will review Stephen McNeil’s shady deal to move outpatient health services from the QEII Health Sciences Centre to a remote area in the Bayers Lake Industrial Park. We share the same concern as many residents, seniors and persons with disabilities in Halifax who are worried about the loss of services to an inaccessible location that has zero access to public transit.

We support initiatives under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund including: Bus stop accessibility improvements, Transit Bus Replacement and Electric Bus Pilot study, etc.

PCs will also work with the municipality on the feasibility study and the work that is under way to review options for a commuter train.

A Jamie Baillie Progressive Conservative government will work with institutions and stakeholders, the municipal and federal government, Halifax Transit and riders to ensure best services for Nova Scotians.



Hon. Jamie Baillie
Leader, PC Party of Nova Scotia

We will update this post if we hear back from the other parties.

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  1. hishighness says:

    I’d rather vote for being forced to wear glass shard underwear while bull riding for 4 years than Jamie Ballie.

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