Halifax Transit’s Response: High Frequency Service

Q (IMTB): Are high frequency, all day transit lines a key part of your network, if so, what type of transit corridors do you envision?

A (Eddie Robar, Halifax Transit): High frequency transit routes that operate from early morning to late evening will be a component of the draft transit network. As the plan is still in the drafting process, we are unable at this time to identify what these transit corridors would be, or what the span of service could look like.

We are pleased to see that all day, high frequency routes will be part of the draft network. A common definition of frequent service is running service every 15 minutes or better. It’s More than Buses wants to see high frequency service on clearly branded lines that form the backbone of the network. These lines should operate only on key corridors where many people live and work. In order to increase speed and attractiveness of these lines, stops should be spaced wider and stops should have better shelters and amenities. Better shelters, scheduling and route information, real time arrival clocks and raised platforms should all be used to increase the speed and user-friendliness of the frequent network.

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